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[채용공고] 운용본부 인턴십 프로그램 모집 공고

  • Date : 2021-09-06
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  • Samchully Asset Management Co., Ltd. is looking for a highly capable candidate to join the Investment Department Internship Program. The successful candidate will fully immerse in the real-time cross border transactions and receive day-to-day training from our investment professionals.


  • Samchully Asset Management is a premier alternative investor that invests in overseas energy and energy infrastructure assets through private equity funds, single asset funds, and fund of funds. Established in 2008 as a joint venture between Samchully Co., and Macquarie Funds Group, we provide investors with tailored investment opportunities characterized by long-term revenue streams and real capital growth.

  • Our current AUM stands at $1.6 bn with assets located in North America and Europe across upstream, midstream, power & utilities and renewable industries. Samchully Asset Management has offices in Seoul and Houston.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Researching infrastructure related industries for deal sourcing opportunities.

  • Assist business evaluation through 1st review memo, investment memorandum and project teasers.

  • Assist writing investment teasers and building financial models.

  • Support communication with developers, co-investment partners, overseas investment bankers, advisors, investment partners and sell-side counter-parties and drafting meeting minutes.

  • Perform other administrative tasks as necessary.

Key qualifications:

  • Intern experience from major Investment Banking firms and Financial Advisory firms preferred but not required.

  • Excellent work ethic with robust written and verbal communication skills working as a team.

  • Strong analytical and organization skills with ability to work independently under tight deadlines.

  • Native fluency in Korean and English preferred.

Internship Program Period:

  • September 2021 ~ November 2021 (3 months) / Can be adjusted if necessary.


  • Resume Screening à 1st Round Interview à 2nd Round Interview


  • Please send an English or Korean resume and cover letter to the following address. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Due Date:

  • Submission Due: Until the position occupied.